No Job Position Company Name Closing Date
211 IT Specialist (Can Start ASAP) Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 30-Apr-2018
212 Chargeback Assistant Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 30-Apr-2018
213 Sample Maker Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 30-Apr-2018
214 Data Entry Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 31-Mar-2018
215 Receptionist Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 31-Mar-2018
216 Industrial Engineer (Garments) Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 31-Mar-2018
217 Technical Designer Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia), Inc. 31-Mar-2018
218 Accountant CDC Building 05-Apr-2018
219 Financial & Accounting Manager (Based On Cambodia) Berli Jucker Public Company Limited 30-Sep-2018
220 Finance Accounting Assistant Manager TOA Paint (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd 14-Apr-2018
221 អ្នកអនាម័យ School of International Academy (SIA) 31-May-2018
222 English Kindergarten Teacher School of International Academy (SIA) 31-May-2018
223 English Kindergarten Teacher Assistant School of International Academy (SIA) 31-May-2018
224 Khmer Teacher (Kindergarten Level And Grade 1) School of International Academy (SIA) 31-May-2018
225 Project Sales-Assistant Supervisor TOA Paint (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd 31-Mar-2018
226 Cooker (ចុងភៅ) Ostro Bistro & Lounge 31-Mar-2018
227 Service (អ្នក​រត់​តុ) Ostro Bistro & Lounge 31-Mar-2018
228 Cashier Bar (night Shift) Ostro Bistro & Lounge 31-Mar-2018
229 Graphic Designer (Salary 350$ - 500$) Ostro Bistro & Lounge 31-Mar-2018
230 អ្នកតំណាងលក់/ Sale Representative 24 Seven Healthcare Cambodia 31-Mar-2018
231 Junior Interior Designers Advance DCE Group 30-Mar-2018
232 Junior Architects Advance DCE Group 30-Mar-2018
233 Interns Urgently Required Architecture/Interior Design Advance DCE Group 30-Mar-2018
234 Quantity Surveyor Advance DCE Group 30-Mar-2018
235 Tour Leader Ann Loeu Travel 22-Mar-2018
236 Tour Operations Supervisor TAporta Cambodia Co., Ltd 31-Mar-2018
237 Product Development Manager EZECOM 31-Mar-2018
238 Sales Trainee EZECOM 31-Mar-2018
239 Web Developer EZECOM 31-Mar-2018
240 Transmission Engineer SHV EZECOM 31-Mar-2018

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